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100% vegan cafe opening soon in Downtown Calgary.
Rose from the YouTube channel "Cheap Lazy Vegan"

Rose from the YouTube channel "Cheap Lazy Vegan"

The Story

Well, hello there - I'm Rose from the YouTube channel Cheap Lazy Vegan! I started the channel in May 2015 because of my love and passion for veganism and delicious vegan food. I wanted to share my own thoughts and ideas with the world and show the world that you do NOT have to break the bank or starve to death when you ditch the animal products. I wanted to show the world that veganism can be accessible and vegan recipes can be simple and easy. Little did I know how many people would be interested in what I have to say... Now I want to bring my love of vegan food from the computer screen to your plate... with the help of my favourite chef - my mom! 




With our combined knowledge of vegan cooking and Korean (and other Asian) cuisine, we want to provide you with delicious home-cooked style plant based meals that are healthy, flavourful and filling. We have developed the menu based on some of our favourite meals that we personally love. Everything is made with lots of care and attention and whether you are vegan, vegan-curious or just a food lover, we invite you to give us a try. 

We also serve a variety of different hot and cold beverages including tasty smoothies (with plant-based protein powder), Happy Belly Kombucha and Phil & Sebastian Coffee drinks.